Job Vacancy: C# API Integration Developer

Developer needed to help implement numerous components that call different third-party web APIs using different technologies and return common results as per a defined interface.

Position: C# Developer (5+ years)
Skills needed: C#, TPL, async, JSON.NET, WebClient, XML web services, WCF, text parsing, unit testing, TFS via VS Online
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A C# developer is needed to code numerous components which all implement a single C# interface, each component will connect to and retrieve structured data from a third-party web API.

The third-party web API could be REST with JSON, or Web Services with XML, or an HTTP request with a CSV file returned, or something entirely else. The response from the third-party API (however it is provided) will need to be parsed and returned as a common object as per the interface given for the component.

The code will need to be fully unit tested, with testing emphasis on logging and error handling. Sample code of one working implemented interface can be used as a starting point, a test harness application will also be provided to help test and debug your component.

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